Normal updates.

School's reopen for few days, I ain't back to normal yet, sleepy *Yawnsss*
Nothing special, went for steamboat with my uncle, he's going to New Zealand
Haven't got the chance to congrat him for his blessed wedding =D
Well, I hope I can visit him at New Zealand soon =)

Tsunami on American Samoa... I wonder, will 2012 really be the end of the world? Haha
If it true, what will really happen? No matter how, we should really care for the earth ><

Sudden memories =D

记得我中二时, 非常的讨厌他.. 或许是我对他有偏见 但一切很快的就过去了
到了中三, 他转了校 我几乎忘了他
今年 我碰见了他 心里还蛮多感受的... Excuse me, I'm not talking bout a girl nor I'm gay! xD

我想说的是, 世上真的无绝对!
Due to my chinese standard, I guess I'm better back to english =___=
I was so sure he wouldn't change, he's always like that but wow, am I shocked...
I wouldn't be afraid to admit, I'm wrong =)
But that's a good news, since he changed into a better man, nothings wrong..

他 大概不会看见这则blog, 但我没后悔我讨厌他 因为我憎恨的是以前的他 =)


1 week holiday!?

I thought holidays just started? > < l.o.l
Well I was bored and I thought my blog had filled with dust and spider webs so...

Definitely needs an update!! xD

心里的感受 -> 明明有很多事情要做 却整天无所事事?!
Hah! I spent most of my holidays sleeping, watching tv and dota-ing
Except, I went for basketball training, or else I've got nothing better to do =.=

Looks like someone had grown up a bit! =D maybe, just a bit, *changed my mind*


Gosh, What a way..

Had to edit the previous blog since it was typed under bad conditions. =x
Man, is that the right way? Neglect my feelings and just scolding me just for a reply =.=
I can't say that's a wrong way but, I just hate it. Maybe just too many different stories but oh well, like all they say, as time passes everything will be clear, only TIME proves whether I'm doing it right or wrong...

You haven't changed a bit.. Grow up at least
All the best to you =)

As for my blog, sorry I'm lazy to update =x
During the past month, went to famine 30 and it was such a meaningful activity,
Got to say, those children are pitiful and we shouldn't waste any more food.

Do all you can and help as many person as you can...

And finally, Ba Gua team rocks wahaha! Nice to meet ya guys!

Tan U Zhing! I linked you!! -> This is to make sure you see it! =P