Report Card =O

Report card dayyy, I woke up late, forgotten to put on my alarm, mum was angry with me luckily I managed to make it on time. After dropping my sis, mum came and took my report card along with me home xD
Well the results are quite normal or weak for A1? =x Oh well, guess I'd work harder for the next semester, and I will try not to be that talkative xD
Tuition went crazy, we were all talking and playing around, what a day xD
Oh yeah, during yesterday I think scolded someone, he isn't worth mentioning at all, just a useless monitor I guess. I wouldn't have the right to scold him but who cares? Act like he's great and all and ended up everyone hates him. Such foolishness >_> I guess he will be "no medicine to cure" lol! I felt bad for a moment but I didn't really scolded him, and he's emo-ing in the class, what the hell =.= Go emo all day if he wants! Who cares??

A Normal Weekend

It's weekend and there's school on Saturday but I skipped it, kinda regret though, it seems like everyone is having fun with the canteen day. I heard that the ghost house was successful and everyone enjoyed it. We managed to our school some money! Well err, I mean they managed to. Hah!
Well apart from that, I'm glad everything's fine... =x Ah well, everything's over, there's alway a rainbow after a rain right? =)
During the 2 days, I'm addicted to two things, first, I just found myself a good manga to read which I had been reading it for whole 2 days and yet, 100 chapters to go lol.
Secondly, I'm addicted to typing maniac at facebook! Ranked #7 among my friends, they're too good. Try that game I'm sure you guys will like it =P


Aren't they cuteee? There were from a email and since it was so cute, I saved some of those pictures =P
Rightt, I just heard that H1N1 is now in Klang Parade!
Since it's the nearest shopping centre from Kwang Hua, it's usually crowded with kwang hua-rians after school, that would cause H1N1 to spread even wider...
I hope that Kwang Hua is safe with that, I don't like the replacing of 1 week >_>
Take care!

p.s: Linking is tired! LOL

Blogging! =D

Well it's all because I had nothing else to do although I do have a pile of homework to do lol! But eh, end of the homework chatting, don't spoil your mood kay? Haha
Well started this because I saw almost everyone in my msn have a blog, thought of having wouldn't harm and yet I can still remember things happened, so why not? =) though, I might be lazy and stop blogging but let's see see how long before that happens haha =D
Personally liked that fishy on the left, it looks so cool lol! As for picture, will be updating it soon, forgive me for my laziness =P And if you guys saw my blog, leave me some comment at least I wont be bored with it =D Thanks in advanced!