Losing 2 precious things in a month isn't nice..
No matter how, I have learned to stay tough!
Hang in there! Life isn't always good, face it, and go through it =)

I hate when I got misunderstood..


Hasn't been on for weeks, nothing much to update actually haha
And looking at my previous post, it's been 2 weeks, how's he doing? Hah
I hope he still remember me although it's just 1 month before he left xD

And wah liao apa lansi!! xD
Im not active so I hadn't got a chance to tell you guys only mah TT

whether is hot, take care everyone =)

Horrible Accident.. Very bad accident

He's cute, isn't he? =)

Sorry bout being lazy for not updating my blog, I have lots of things to write, but I will just update my latest news on my dog. This cute little fella has skin's allergic so my aunt was fetching him to the vet. He was scratching for 2 days already so my aunt want to bring him to the doctor to check but.. She dropped the dog accidently and this cute fella, Yoshi, died...
My family was shocked he was like one of our family member and no ones blame my aunt.. She felt so guilty..

Fates are cruel...

Why? He hasn't stay with us for even 1 month? Why?
Today would be 1 of the worst day in my life, being accused that I'm very chuan? What the hell?
Yes I don't like him, so what? Trying to make up stories? Fine go ahead.
I will get the pictures of bomba MUT. Oh yeah, congratz every bomba members for that =)

Yoshi, live well in another world.. We will always remember you ^^ Remember me kay?

God, my keyboards are soaked xD
Well see ya later, take care everyone.