Update =X

Wahhh, I know it's dusting =X
Sorry bout that hahahaha, I had an awesome holidays, it's just that I didnt get the photos, because most of them are uploaded by my friends and I was tagged by them.
Do check out my facebook for those interesting photos =D
What can I say? Definitely bored without them =)

Basically nothing much to update, normal life and, tuition is BACK
Worst of all, it's monday to friday. Hooray? I lost my only day for my own activities lol
Semua SPM's punya pasal =X

Class's life wasn't special, go to school, back from school and so on.
I'm seated on the 2nd row, finally, time to get more serious
Well then, good night for now! I hope there's still someone on my blog =X

Please tell me
Nothing is